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Significance of the Radiographic Film for Dentist

The use of radiography is considered important in diagnosing the hard tissues in the mouth, for example, the bones; however, the role of a dentist is crucial for determining the success of radiography. The skill of a dentist is significant for proper positioning and getting desired results of radiography and oral tissues. This means that the dentist has to take precaution to use radiography for diagnosing the root causes of disease in the mouth. In other words, the quality of radiography is dependent on the quality of radiograph to assess the disease in a proper way, and the use of radiography must be taken with care because it can have harmful effects on the sensitive parts of the mouth.
In terms of the proper use of radiography, the role of a skilled dentist is crucial. For example, it is the dark areas in x-ray, which can determine the soft tissue from the hard tissues. If you change the kV, it changes the density of radiography. When kV decreases, it reduces the density by making…